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Can consignors log in to get their own status updates?
Can consignors log in to get their own status updates?

Use automated emails or ConsignCloud's consignor portal to communicate effectively with your consignors

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Communicating with your consignors can be tedious and time-consuming. ConsignCloud offers two ways to communicate with your consignors: the ConsignCloud Portal and transactional emails. 

The simplest and most effective way to communicate with your consignors is by using our built-in transactional emails. We send emails to your consignors whenever items are received into inventory, sold, or ready to be returned. These emails are highly customizable to fit the look and personality of your business.

If you want to go above and beyond, the ConsignCloud Portal is a great option. The Portal allows for consignors to view their items, balance, and activity. It maintains a professional feel and keeps your consignors up-to-date with real-time information.

You should consider which approach gives you the most opportunities to talk to your consignors. For more information, visit the transactional emails, or the consignor portal help articles. 

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