Even though it rarely comes up, it's crucial to have your consignors sign a contract that allows you to receive their inventory and sell it on their behalf. Legally, the inventory remains their property until it's sold!

While we recommend keeping a hard copy of all your contracts as a back-up, it's much more convenient to have them available within your account management software. ConsignCloud supports this using our "Notes" feature, which takes any kind of file attachment.

To add one, go to your account's detail page and look for the three dots at the top of the left pane to open the account actions menu:

That'll bring up the note composition dialog, which will allow you to add any additional information necessary. To attach the contract, just click the paperclip button and upload it from your computer.

If you ever need to download the contract again, you can click on the link for the attachment and it will open in a new tab, where you can then download it again to your computer.

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