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Writing out checks by hand can be one of the most tedious parts of running a consignment business, which is why we've added Check Printing as a way to streamline the process. To get started, visit Printing Settings, and click on Checks at the top of the page.ย 

For hardware recommendations, check out this article.

Getting Set Up

There are two modes for printing checks โ€” ConsignCloud can either print the entire check, lines, labels, and all, or it can just fill in the parts that vary from settlement to settlement. You can control which mode is used by toggling the Print Entire Check option. If you do choose to print the entire check, be sure to double check your bank account details โ€” the last thing you want to do is issue bad checks!

You can also control whether or not ConsignCloud prints checks in triplicate, or only one per page using the Print Stubs option.ย 

How these options should be set up depends on what kind of check stock you're working with, and whether you have a MICR-ink-enabled printer. It's important to use the correct ink if you're printing the account and routing numbers at the bottom. You can read more about the details of getting set up here.

As you work through these setup options, you can always click on Print Test Page at the bottom of the screen to see what would actually be printed. If test prints are misaligned, you can click and drag the elements in the on-screen check preview to get them positioned correctly.

Printing Payouts

Once you have checks working the way you want them, you'll have the option to print checks for every settlement you process. You can settle accounts either on an account detail page, or in bulk on the Account Table, using the Settle Accounts action.

For simplicity, ConsignCloud will open your payout receipts and checks in a new browser tab so that you can choose your printer settings before printing. Don't forget to sign your checks once they've been printed!

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