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Allowing vendors to log in to ConsignCloud

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When running a store that stocks inventory from vendors, you may want to allow vendors to log in to ConsignCloud so they can create and edit inventory, view sales, and print labels. ConsignCloud's vendor login feature allows you to do just that.

Enabling Vendor Login

To get started, first ensure you have enabled the multi-user feature. Do this at Menu » Settings » Apps » Multi-User. Then, go to Menu » Settings » Operations » Vendors and turn on enable vendor login. Enter a store identifier, this is just some text that will appear in the link your vendors visit to log in.

Save your changes. At the top of the page, there is a link you can copy which you can send to vendors. This is where vendors will log in.

Marking an Account as a Vendor

Before a vendor can log in, there must be an account in the system for that vendor. The account must have an email associated and be marked as a vendor. If you need to create accounts, you can learn about that here. Otherwise, you can mark an existing account as a vendor by editing it and enabling the vendor toggle.

After that, the vendor can log in at the link you copied in the previous step. The vendor will enter the email associated with his account and ConsignCloud will send a one-time password which the vendor can then enter to log in to ConsignCloud.

Once logged in, the vendor can create inventory under his own account. This inventory will follow the account and store defaults for fields like split, terms and whether or not to list the item to Shopify. The vendor can also modify his items and print labels. The vendor may also view his sales under the item sales tab.

Removing Access for a Vendor

If you edit an account and turn off the vendor switch or deactivate an account, that vendor will be immediately logged out. Additionally, disabling vendor login for your store or turning off the Multi-User add-on will immediately log out all vendors.

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