Portal Item Entry

Allow consignors and vendors to enter items through the consignor portal.

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Processing inventory can take a lot of time. Offloading this process to consignors can be beneficial for both your store and your customers. This may even be a necessity if you manage a vendor marketplace where vendors need to enter their own inventory.

Our portal item entry feature is designed with this in mind. After enabling portal item entry, consignors can enter items from the portal to submit to your store. These items will appear in an account specific batch. From there, you can edit the items, then generate a purchase order or request changes.

What the Store Sees

You can enable portal item entry from Menu » Settings » Apps » Consignor Portal. Once enabled, you can view your consignors progress from the accounts table by adding the Item Entry Status column. You can view all accounts with items that are ready to be reviewed by selecting the Items to Review table view.

Until your consignors enter items, there won't be much to see. Once a consignor submits items, their account will display a Review Items button which you can click to go to that account's batch. From there, you can edit or reject items.

Once you are satisfied with your edits, you can press Review Batch or Request Changes. Reviewing the batch will show a summary and let you generate a purchase order which will be sent to the consignor. If you request changes, you will leave a note telling the consignor what changes to make before resubmitting. See a sample purchase order below. Any rejected items will also be shown on the purchase order.

A sample purchase order

What Consignors See

To submit items, consignors must first log in to the portal. Once logged in, they can access the item submission page by opening the menu--by pressing the profile icon in the top left--and selecting Submit Items.

They can then start entering items by pressing Add item at the top right of the page. The consignor will see a form with fields for category, brand, color, size, and description. Consignors can select from your configured categories. All other details must be entered by hand.

Consignors can also enter their desired portion of sales. The split price and tag price of items will be calculated from this number based on your store's default split. All items entered in the portal default to the consignment inventory type, but you can adjust that on your end after submission.

After entering all their items, a consignor will press the Submit to Store button under the entered items. Now, the store can review the items. Neither the store nor the consignor can see items while the other is editing.

If the store requests changes, the note will be displayed in the history list below the items. If you have the Email notifications app, you can also enable an email notification that will send this note to the consignor. The consignor will then edit the items and resubmit.

If the store would like to purchase the consignor's items, the consignor can view the purchase order and accept or reject it. If the purchase order is rejected, the consignor can continue working on items and resubmit. If accepted, the consignor must bring the items into the store.

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