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Integrating ConsignCloud with Square
Integrating ConsignCloud with Square

How to run sales of your ConsignCloud inventory through Square's best-in-class point of sale.

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Square's point of sale platform is one of the most popular options out there for shops to get started with minimal training and up-front cost. Add their high-quality site building into the mix, and you have a winning combination.

Our integration with Square allows you to take advantage of all of that goodness, all while managing your inventory in ConsignCloud.

Getting Set Up

Getting started is easy — simply visit your Apps page, turn on the Square add-on, then click Settings to link your ConsignCloud account with Square.

This will take you to Square to approve the integration, then back to your settings page. Here's what the settings here mean:

  • Auto-list New Inventory controls whether new items will be synchronized to your Square account's inventory catalog.

  • Fulfillment location is the location within Square items will be associated with by default. You can override this using Shelves.

  • Default Taxes allows you to choose which taxes (as configured in Square) should be automatically applied to items pushed to Square.

How it Works

ConsignCloud's Square integration is limited in a few important ways.

  1. ConsignCloud will only sync Inventory and Account Balances between the systems. If you sell an item through Square, it will be marked in ConsignCloud as sold too, and if we can associate the sale with an account in ConsignCloud we'll update the account history as well. Any consignor split will be calculated automatically like you'd expect. However, ConsignCloud will not add anything to your Sales table or your Sales and Payouts Summary report. You will need to pull a sales report from both ConsignCloud and Shopify when it's time to do your bookkeeping.

  2. Because Square is focused on solving different problems, not every feature supported in ConsignCloud's POS translates to Square. In particular, ConsignCloud's taxes, discounts, consignor credit, and gift cards can't be applied to to items sold on Square, since these are features related to point of sale, and we don't have control over Square's point of sale. You'll need to implement point of sale policies for your online store using the tools Square provides (including other apps if relevant).

ConsignCloud will sync your data in a few key ways:

  1. Automatic listings. ConsignCloud will automatically list any inventory you specify to your Square catalog. To mark an item for syncing, toggle List on Square when you are entering the item. If the item has already been created, edit it and select List on Square. ConsignCloud will automatically add this item to your Square inventory and keep the information synced between the two systems as long as it is active. If you make edits to the item in ConsignCloud, those edits will be synced to Square as well. Edits made in Square are not synchronized back to ConsignCloud however.

  2. Sold items. If an item is sold in either ConsignCloud or Square, ConsignCloud will automatically sync the inventory to reduce the chance of a double sale. Because of how Square's integration tools work, syncing isn't instant, but it's fast enough to eliminate double sales in all but a few very rare cases.

  3. Consignor balances. If an item is sold in Square, it will be marked as sold in ConsignCloud and the consignor's balance history will be updated.

Frequently asked questions

Which item fields are synchronized to Square?

For details on how individual items fields get synchronized to Square, see below. In most cases, we will only re-sync a field if its value has changed.

  • Title is synchronized as Name.

  • If a Category doesn't exist in Square, ConsignCloud will create a new one with the correct name. If there is a matching category, we will use that one.

  • Details becomes description.

  • Images are copied over.

  • SKU, Description, and Tag Price are copied to an item's Variation.

How do I list some items with a different location?

If your Square store has multiple fulfillment services or locations, you can use Shelves to manage what inventory gets listed where — just select a location on the shelf form, and all items assigned to that shelf will be listed to the selected location.

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