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Getting started with our Free version
Getting started with our Free version

Find out what's included in the free version of our software — and how to know when you're ready to upgrade.

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ConsignCloud's paid version provides a best-in-class system for running a resale store, regardless of how many consignors, employees, or locations you operate.

If you run a smaller shop though, or you're just getting started with consignment, the subscription cost can be a big deterrent. That's why we created ConsignCloud Free, just for you!

To get started, select the Free option when signing up for a new account.

What's Included

ConsignCloud Free includes everything you need to run a resale or consignment store — but without all the bells and whistles. Add accounts and items, record item sales, and process payouts. More advanced features like email notifications, robust reporting, and third-party integrations are reserved for our paid users.

To add an account, click + Account at the top of the page. Likewise, when adding inventory click + Item at the top of the page. For more details, see here for an introduction to the basics of ConsignCloud.

The biggest difference between our two versions is that while our paid version includes a full-featured point-of-sale, ConsignCloud Free is designed to be used in tandem with a standalone payment processing system.

To mark items as sold, visit click + Sale at the top of the page, and enter the items you need to mark as sold. Finally, you can mark the sale as paid by clicking the Pay button that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Finally, to settle consignor accounts, visit the Accounts table, and click Actions » Settle Accounts. This will update the balance for the selected accounts to zero, but you'll still need to process payouts outside of ConsignCloud unless you set up our Integrated Payouts feature.

When to Upgrade

ConsignCloud's paid version comes with a whole passel of features (you can find the full list here) that are designed to save your store time and money. If you find yourself spending too much time on tedious data entry tasks, looking for more advanced reporting options, or wishing for more flexibility, it might be time to switch.

In addition, ConsignCloud Free has a few limitations on usage that the paid version doesn't have:

  • Add-ons cannot be used on the free version after your free trial is over.

  • You can have up to 1000 active items in stock at any time, and

  • up to 100 accounts.

To upgrade, simply visit Menu » Subscription and click on Upgrade your Plan at the bottom of the page. Note that once you upgrade, you won't be able to downgrade again without contacting support, and we only support downgrades within 30 days of upgrading. If you'd like to schedule a demo to find out more about our paid version, please click here.

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