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How to set up ConsignCloud to help you report taxes in your jurisdiction

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Taxes, of course, need to be tracked in order for you to remit the proper amount in your jurisdiction. Tax rates and and requirements can vary widely by jurisdiction, so we've done our best to provide a flexible model for implementing them. This is a work in progress, as we're always learning more about the subject.

Note that tax reporting is only available using ConsignCloud Register, our advanced point of sale add-on.

Taxes come in two types:

  • Inclusive taxes are included in the tag price of an item, based on its price after removing taxes.

  • Exclusive taxes are added to an item's price at the time of sale. Sales Tax in the United States is a common example of this kind of tax.

While taxes are generally applied at point of sale, it's also possible to mark an item as Tax Exempt. Normally, taxes are auto-applied, but after scanning an item into point of sale, you can also click on an individual item in the Sale Summary and turn taxes on and off. Changing taxes for an individual item won't change the tax settings of any other items in the sale.

If you're running a tax-free weekend or selling to a tax-exempt customer, taxes can be quickly turned off for every item in the sale. In the Sale Summary, find the name of the default tax you'd like to disable. These are always listed at the bottom. Then, uncheck the boxes of any taxes you'd like to disable for the sale. This will enable and disable taxes for every item in the sale. However, if you clear or finalize and start a new sale, taxes will be reset to normal again.

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