Setting up Discounts

How to set up discounts to support your store's policy and reduce mistakes

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Discounts are used at point of sale to reduce the price of an item or an entire sale. Discounts can be used for short-term promotions, or for supporting long-standing policies, like an incentive to get consignors to spend their credit in-store.

Note that discounts are only available using ConsignCloud Register, our advanced point of sale add-on. You can create a discount by pressing "Add discount" under the "Discounts" tab in the ConsignCloud Register settings.

There are three basic discount types:

  • Store Discounts can be used to take a discount entirely from the store share of the sale and leave the consignor's portion untouched.

  • Consignor Discounts are likewise used to take a discount entirely from the consignor's portion. If this isn't possible, the remainder will be taken out of the store's portion.

  • Shared Discounts impact both consignor and store portions evenly.

Like surcharges, discounts can generally be set up to be either a fixed amount or a percentage adjustment using the value type field.

Once a discount has been created, a button will appear for it under shortcuts at point of sale. If you wish to apply a discount to every item in the sale β€” for instance, on a 20% off everything day β€” use this button.

If you wish to apply a discount to just a single item in a sale, first add the item to the sale, and then click on its name in the Sale Summary. Find the Discounts section and check the box of the discount you'd like to apply. When it has been applied, the name and amount of the discount should appear directly under the item in the Sale Summary.

You can also set discounts up to be applied on a buy-on-get-one basis using the BOGO Threshold field.

Discounts are listed individually in your Sales Summary. This can be helpful for limited-time sale events, where it's important to compare the discounts given against the boost in sales. It is also important to evaluate the effectiveness of long-standing discount policies over time as well β€” even though they are popular, they may not pencil out for your particular store and customer base.

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