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Speed up your day by updating items and accounts in bulk.

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When running your shop, it's common to edit items and accounts individually; it's easy to update an individual item's title or a single account's split. But sometimes more than one record needs to be updated, like when your store's policy changes, or you want to format a brand differently. It's a pain to go through one-by-one and implement the same change over and over! And fighting with spreadsheets can be nearly as frustrating.

Fortunately, ConsignCloud provides a Bulk Edits workflow for items and accounts, which allows you to quickly and easily update all your data — or at least large chunks of it. You can find it on either table view, under Actions » Bulk Edit Accounts/Items.

This will bring up a dialog looking something like this:

The first thing to do is decide whether to update only records selected using the checkboxes to the left of the table, or apply your updates to everything matching the table's current filters.

Be aware that if you choose the second option, everything matching your filters will be updated, not just the current page. Be sure to double-check your filters before confirming the edit — there is no way to undo bulk edits!

The next step is to set up the edits to apply in bulk. To do that, click Add Edit, select the field, and enter a value to set the field to. You can add as many edits as you want — see below for an example of what that might look like.

It's worth noting that for fields that can take multiple values, like surcharges or tags, the new value will replace the current value, rather than add the new values to it.

Once you're ready to save your changes, click the blue button at the bottom of the window. For safety, we've included a confirmation step which will allow you to abort the operation if necessary.

If for some reason bulk edits aren't powerful enough for what you need to do, you can always resort to our imports feature — see here for more information on that.

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