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Does ConsignCloud Integrate with QuickBooks?
Does ConsignCloud Integrate with QuickBooks?

How to export sales data from ConsignCloud into Quickbooks — or any other accounting software.

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ConsignCloud does not yet have a tight integration with any accounting software, however it is quite easy to perform the integration yourself, since it generally only needs to be done on a weekly or monthly basis.

The basic process is simply to go to Menu » Sales, add a filter on Finalized date, then click the "Export" button to get an Excel spreadsheet of your sales data. From there, you can find the import function in your accounting software, and pull the data in from your spreadsheet. You can find directions for how to do that in Quickbooks here.

This can take a few minutes to get set up, but in most cases once you configure the importer you won't have to do it again — it'll be a quick process in future imports.

We are planning to add a tighter integration with accounting software in the future, but given the number of different options available for keeping your books, it's quite a large project and will take some time. We appreciate your patience as we continue to build things out!

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