Deletion and Restoration

How to search for deleted items and accounts, and how to restore them.

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ConsignCloud pays a lot of attention to making sure your data is secure โ€” even in the case of an accident, we have backups of your data in multiple places, including database snapshots, and event logs.ย 

We also perform "soft deletes", which means that when you delete an item, account, category, discount, etc. it's not gone โ€” only hidden.ย 

The downside of this is that if a unique attribute has been assigned to a record that has been deleted, you'll still be unable to re-use that attribute elsewhere. For example, if you create a category called "Hats", then delete it, you'll be unable to create a new category called "Hats". In this scenario, we recommend that instead of creating a duplicate category, restore the old one instead.

For simple, policy-related records, we show a simple "restore" button that you can use to pull the record back after it's been deleted. In these situations, deleted records are placed at the very bottom of the list.

In other cases, like with accounts and items, deleted records are automatically filtered out of search results. To pull up deleted records, simply add a filter for "Deleted is set".

Once you've located the record, you can restore it from the detail page by clicking on the three dots at the top of the left pane and selecting "Restore" from the menu. Once it's been restored, it will appear in global search, point of sale, and reports once again.

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