Using Gift Cards

Gift cards in ConsignCloud are an open-ended way to issue credit independent of an account

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Enabling Gift Cards

By default, Gift Cards are disabled in order to keep ConsignCloud simple to learn and use. If you'd like to start using them, open up ConsignCloud Register', then go to Settings and turn on Enable Gift Cards. This will automatically add "Gift Card" to your allowed payment types.

Managing Gift Cards

Once gift cards have been enabled, you'll be able to manage them under your Gift Cards navigation item. To create a new gift card, click Actions » Create Gift Card, or click "Sell Gift Card" at point-of-sale. You'll be presented with a form with the following fields:

  • Barcode (required) — this is the number ConsignCloud uses to track barcodes and scan them in at point-of-sale.

  • Account — optionally, associate a gift card with an account (not available at POS).

  • Balance — the amount to put on the card.

To edit a gift card, click on the barcode as listed in the table below, click on the three dots at the top of the left pane, and click Edit. From this page you'll also be able to view a complete balance history, sales the gift card has been used in, and any edits that have taken place.

If you are synchronizing gift cards with an external system, it can also be useful to import using a spreadsheet. From the gift card table, click Actions » Upload Spreadsheet. Likewise, you can use the Export button to get a list of all the gift cards in the system. Exporting a blank spreadsheet is also a good way to get a template set up for importing more.

Printing Gift Cards

We don't currently offer a way to print gift cards, but many services like this one print gift cards on demand. We recommend you pre-purchase these cards in the increments you're planning to sell, and scan the barcode in to ConsignCloud when creating or selling one.

Using Gift Cards at Point of Sale

To use a gift card as a payment type, ring up a sale as you normally would, and click "Pay" at the bottom of the right-hand pane. From there, click Other ≫ Gift Card and scan or enter the barcode. ConsignCloud won't allow you to over-charge the gift card, so if there's still a balance on the sale you'll be asked to enter an additional payment.

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