Inventory Rules and Schedules

Automate your store's policy using categories, price points, and schedules.

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In ConsignCloud, there's no single master control panel to set up your store's policy, since many policies involve relationships between different concepts in the system.ย 

Instead, we follow the general rule of attaching Rules to Policy Objects. Right now, we support rules on Surcharges, Discounts, and Taxes. You can attach rules to any of these three policy objects by editing the object in Settings.

The one exception to this is that of Category Split, which you can find on a category's settings page. This value is a default, applied at item entry โ€” however, it has a higher priority than an account's default split.

Inventory Rules

Rules come in a few different varieties, depending on the policy object you're working with:

  • Always rules are always applied, simple as that.

  • Category rules are applied based on an item's matching category.

  • Till rules are applied based on the till used for a sale.

  • Price Points are applied based on an item's price.

Sometimes certain types of rules can't be applied to certain policy objects. For example, because discounts change the price of an item, price points can't be applied to discounts. Similarly, fixed-rate discounts can't have rules applied to them.

In general, surcharges are automatically applied at Item Entry, while discounts and taxes are applied at Point of Sale.

Also note that if multiple rules are specified, only one rule has to match for the policy object to be applied.


Similar to rules, schedules can be set up for percentage surcharges and discounts. This way, you can control price and split changes over time.

Each phase of a schedule defines a number of days, and a corresponding percentage value to attribute to the discount or surcharge.

Once you have a schedule configured, a new field will show up on the item form, Schedule Start, which defaults to the date the item was created. If you'd like to reset an item's schedule, you can edit its schedule start date.

If you want to set up a schedule, but don't want to modify the inventory immediately, you can set the discount or surcharge's Value to 0%.

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