Printing 2-Up Labels

How to print multiple labels on a single sheet.

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A common approach to economizing your label usage is using a "2-Up" printing format. What this means is that instead of printing a single label per sheet, two (or more) copies of the label are printed on a single sheet of paper.

While ConsignCloud does not currently support 2-Up printing, and we generally recommend just buying smaller labels, it is possible to print to 2-Up labels using a somewhat manual process.

First, design a label that is sized to match the entirety of a multi-label sheet, but takes up only the portion of the sheet designated for one label. So for example, when using a vertically-split label like this one, you might design a label that takes up only half of the page.

Then, when you go to print labels for your inventory, you would print half of your items using your 2-Up label:

 Next, rewind your printer's label spool, then print the other half of the labels, setting "Rotation" to "Flip upside down". This will print new impressions on the part of the sheet that hadn't yet been filled in:

If you've done this correctly, you should end up with each sheet having two labels printed on it, one on each side of the perforation.

A slightly more advanced version of this can be applied to nearly any configuration of multi-label sheets, including 3-Up, 4-Up, etc. This would be done by creating multiple label templates for the same sheet, each of which would fill a different portion of the sheet.

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