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What hardware do you recommend?
What hardware do you recommend?

ConsignCloud works with most standard hardware, but these are our recommendations if you're shopping!

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Because every store is different, ConsignCloud is made to work with most hardware setups. Our recommended options below tend to be the most popular with customers as a balance of price and reliability. If you run into any problems during setup, since we're more familiar with these products we're more likely to be able to help.

If you'd like to select different hardware, that's great! Many of our customers use hardware from a previous business or software vendor. Just be aware that our support staff might not be able to help much with tech support.


  1. A computer or tablet with internet access and the most recent version of either Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. ConsignCloud is built with modern web technologies and will work best with a device made within the last few years. Keep in mind that using a tablet may limit your other hardware options.

  2. A Star TSP100 receipt printer. Any of the USB, Bluetooth, or Ethernet/LAN models will work with ConsignCloud, but we recommend the USB version (Star TSP100 TSP143U) because it's compatible with the most devices. In any case, you'll need to confirm that your choice is compatible with the computer you're using.

  3. A Rollo Printer or a DYMO LabelWriter 550 for item labels. When you order labels, you may use any label size you'd like, but smaller sizes (like 1" x 1") may jam your printer more often and may not be large enough to print certain barcodes. If you're using a Rollo printer on Windows, you'll need to contact the manufacturer to install it correctly. DYMO printers are easier to install, but be aware that they will not print generic labels.

  4. A barcode scanner. We recommend a Bluetooth-enabled device like the TEEMI Bluetooth Barcode Scanner because it's compatible with the most devices.

  5. A cash drawer. This is optional, but it's always nice to have a place to put things for safe keeping. Find our recommendation here.

  6. If you want to print your own checks, you'll need a MICR-compatible printer, ink, and checks. We recommend the VersaCheck HP Deskjet 1112MX, along with VersaInk-Nano Ink and VersaCheck Security Business Checks.

  7. We will ship you a terminal when you sign up for integrated credit card processing β€” no need to do your own shopping here!

What if I'm using an iPad?

If you're going to be running your store using an iPad or iPhone, it's important to know that iOS devices do not support USB enabled printers, relying instead on Apple's proprietary AirPrint standard.

There are a few different ways to handle this limitation:

  • Set up ConsignCloud's Cloud Printing system on another computer in your store (OSX or Windows), and use that computer to relay requests from your iOS device to your USB printer.

  • Purchase an AirPrint-enabled printer. A few good options include the StarTSP TSP65411 Receipt Printer (make sure to get part number 39481870), and AirPrint-enabled Rollo Label Printers. Note that these recommendations have not been tested by ConsignCloud. If using a Rollo on Windows, you'll also need to reach out directly to Rollo support to get the printer installed correctly.

  • Purchase an xPrinterServer that will allow you to use AirPrint with any USB printer.

At ConsignCloud, we don't sell hardware. Instead, when you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost for you. You get better prices on your hardware this way, and the commissions help us keep our subscription rates low.

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