Marking Items as Sold

How to ring up sales and accept payments using ConsignCloud's basic point of sale.

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Keeping your checkout experience smooth and enjoyable is a key part of making happy customers, and low error rates will mean fewer administrative headaches and costly mistakes that need to be corrected later.

ConsignCloud intentionally uses the same general design as the most popular POS products in the world today. Most people that have worked in a retail or restaurant environment will pick it up very quickly.

Below we describe our Lite point of sale, but if you're looking for more features, including tax calculation, discount schedules, customer tracking, refunds, gift cards, and more, take a look at our advanced point of sale.

Adding items to a sale

The point of sale screen starts empty. To add an item, make sure it is first added to inventory, and then search for it using the search box on the left half of the screen. The most common way to search is by using the SKU, which may be scanned directly from a tag into this box. If you don't have a scan gun or tag, you can search for the item by color, description, brand or size.

Once you select a match β€” a scan gun will select it automatically for you β€” the item will show up on the right side of the screen.

Accepting payments

Once you've added all of the items in the purchase to the sale, you're ready to accept payment. First double-check that all items have been added, and that you've made any adjustments that need to be made. When you're ready, hit the Pay button at the bottom of the screen.

Select your payment type and then follow any instructions ConsignCloud gives you. If the customer wants to use multiple payment types, select Split at the far right.

After you've selected the payment type and amount, select Tender to move to the final steps of the sale. You'll be presented with a summary of your sale, and an option to print a receipt for your customer. To start another sale, just click Finish.

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