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How to get started printing receipts and item labels

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ConsignCloud supports integrated printing of item labels or price tags, sale receipts, settlement receipts, and payout checks. To learn more about how to customize and print each of these document types, see our help articles on the topic.

ConsignCloud is designed to be compatible with a wide range of hardware. If you're not sure what to use, we recommend the Star TSP100 USB Receipt Printer for printing receipts, and Rollo Label Printers for a price tag and item label printer. If you're using a Rollo printer on Windows, be sure to reach out to the manufacturer to get it installed correctly. The DYMO LabelWriter 550 is another good option, but be aware that it only accepts DYMO-branded labels.

If you have another device you'd like to try, the setup steps are basically the same — ConsignCloud works with any printer that will print pdf files. Regardless of what hardware you choose, you'll have to download and install the drivers for your printer like you would when setting up any printer on your computer.

Setting up your printer with ConsignCloud

First, download and install the drivers for your printer.

  • The drivers for the Star TSP100 can be found here. Scroll down and find the link for the newest Lite version of futurePRNT.

  • Setup instructions for Rollo Printers can be found here.

  • If you're using a DYMO LabelWriter 450, you can find the most recent drivers here.

You know that you're finished when you can print to your printer from other programs like a word processor.

Direct Printing

You can get started printing without doing any additional setup. By default, ConsignCloud creates .pdf files for every print job and opens them in a new window in your web browser. You can print these documents using any printer that's already been installed on your computer, just like you would print a web page.

Cloud Printing

ConsignCloud also offers a cloud printing solution, making common tasks like switching labels easier, and enabling features like automatic receipt printing. Integrating takes under two minutes:

  1. Download ConsignCloud's print client for Windows or MacOS. A link can also be found at Settings » Printing if you need it again in the future.

  2. Sign into the print client using your store's ConsignCloud login information.

  3. Once the print client is running, return to Settings » Printing in ConsignCloud. If everything is working correctly and you have a printer connected to your computer, you'll see a list of available printers in each drop-down.

Once you're set up, printing labels is easy:

  1. Go to Menu » Inventory and select the labels you'd like to print. Find the Actions menu and select Print Labels.

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions. ConsignCloud will automatically select a printer, label, and paper size for you, but check to make sure they're all correct. Other settings are available for you to tweak if you need to, but usually labels print well with the default settings we've provided.

  3. A note about paper sizes: Selecting the correct paper size is important for reliable printing results. ConsignCloud automatically detects and selects the most appropriate paper size for you based on your label design. If you get results you don't expect during printing, this is a good place to look first.

If you have any trouble with printing, take a look at our troubleshooting articles for MacOS and Windows.

Printing from iOS

If you're going to be running your store using an iPad or iPhone, it's important to know that iOS devices do not support USB enabled printers, relying instead on Apple's proprietary AirPrint standard.

There are a few different ways to handle this limitation:

  • Install ConsignCloud's Cloud Printing system on a separate computer in your store, as described above, and use it to relay requests from your iOS device to your USB printer.

  • Purchase an AirPrint-enabled printer. A few good options include the StarTSP TSP65411 Receipt Printer (make sure to get part number 39481870), and AirPrint-enabled Rollo Label Printers. Note that these recommendations have not been tested by ConsignCloud

  • Purchase an xPrinterServer that will allow you to use AirPrint with any USB printer.

Any of these three options will work, but do require a bit of technical know-how. Note that these recommendations have not been tested by ConsignCloud, .

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