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Customizing ConsignCloud to Reflect Your Brand
Customizing ConsignCloud to Reflect Your Brand

How to configure your item labels, receipts and emails

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ConsignCloud comes out-of-the-box with a number features that help you put your best foot forward with suppliers and customers. It's important to run through your settings to make sure your store's information is correct, and everything matches your brand.

Store Settings

The first thing to go over is your store's basic contact information at Settings » Store. Your store's name will show up on almost every document ConsignCloud generates on your behalf. Your store's address will be displayed on receipts as well.

It's also worth customizing your timezone, localization format, and currency symbol, especially if you're located outside the US. To do this, click on the Localization tab on the store settings page.

Email Settings

ConsignCloud sends automatic emails to suppliers at several key points during your relationship with them — when they first sign up with your store, whenever items are accepted into inventory, and whenever their items sell that impact their balance. To set them up:

  1. Go to Settings » Apps » Email Notifications » Settings.

  2. Upload your logo. Images must be in either .jpg or .png format and under 200 MB in size. Square images work best for both emailed and printed receipts.

  3. Select an accent color. Pick from some of the default colors provided, or if you have a custom color used in your branding, enter the RGB value in the fields provided. The colored areas on emails are quite prominent, so avoid bright or saturated colors where possible.

  4. Enter footer text. Use a friendly message that reflects the personality of your store.

Item Labels

ConsignCloud has a unique built-in label design feature that gives you a lot of control over the appearance of your price tags. Take some time to design an attractive label. It will help your store stand out from the crowd, and is one of the more valuable customizations ConsignCloud provides.

To design your labels, navigate to Settings » Printing » Item Labels in ConsignCloud. Click Add Label to begin editing. Most tags include a logo as well as the Price, a Barcode and SKU, and a few item attributes like Description, Brand, or Color so labels can be easily matched to items after they've been printed.

In-depth instructions for ConsignCloud's label editor are available to help you get the most out of it.

Sale Receipts

ConsignCloud Register produces both email and printed receipts that can be customized to include your store's branding. To set everything up:

  1. Open up ConsignCloud Register, then go to Settings » Receipts.

  2. Upload your logo. Images must be in either .jpg or .png format and under 200 MB in size. Square images work best for both emailed and printed receipts.

  3. Enter footer text. Many stores choose to indicate their returns policy in this field ("All sales final" or something similar), though a friendly message can also be used to emphasize the personality of your store.

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