You can send all your consignors or any of your consignors an email that details the items you accepted and the prices you assigned. To do that, 

  1. Go to "Inventory". 
  2. On the left, go to "Unsent Items".
  3. If you wish, filter by consignor under "advanced search".
  4. Check the items you wish to send.
  5. Click "Bulk Actions".
  6. Click "Send Received Items Email (checked)".

Sending all received items emails at once

At the end of the day, you  may wish to update all your consignors at once. If so, follow the steps above, but select "Send Received Items Email (all)". This will an email to each consignor with items you have entered a list of their items.

Clearing the "Unsent Items" queue

If you don't want to send certain items to a consignor, you can clear those items from the queue. 

  1. Go to "Inventory".
  2. On the left, go to "Unsent Items".
  3. Select the items you wish to clear. 
  4. Click "Bulk Actions".
  5. Click "Mark as Sent (checked)".

If you wish to clear all items from the queue, instead select "Mark as Sent (all)".


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