Sometimes you need to test a sale, or sometimes a sale just went wrong and you need to start over. 

Voiding a sale before it's done

If you're part-way through a sale, but something changes, you can park it and save it for later, or you can void it by clicking "Void" at the top right of the "+ Add Sale" page.

Voiding a sale after it's been transacted

To void a sale after it has been finalized, 

  1. Go to "Sales".
  2. Find the sale you wish to void.
  3. In the line of the sale you wish to void, click the red "X". 
  4. Confirm (twice) that you wish to void the sale.

If you don't see any red "X", this is likely because you aren't logged into a manager account. Only admin users can void sales—if you aren't an admin user, contact a manager to complete the sale voiding. 

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