Perhaps a customer brings up an item to the counter and asks, "How much is this? The tag fell off." Not all hope is lost. If the item was entered correctly, there's still a quick way to find the proper item at the counter and send your customer off quickly.

Finding a tagless item

If you don't have the SKU handy, 

  1. Go to "Inventory". 
  2. Try first a simple brand/color/size search. 

Remember that "color" is a subjective category, so be conversant with your manager's color naming conventions. One man's salmon is another man's coral. 

Finding an item that is "out of stock"

Perhaps you have an item in front of you, but when you scan it, you're told "This item is no longer in stock." Likely, this item has been mistakenly marked as sold somewhere along the way.

  1. Under the "Status" dropdown, select "Disregard", in case your item was marked mistakenly as "returned", "expired", or "sold".
  2. Click "advanced search".
  3. Search by the item's title. 
  4. If you know the consignor, search by the name as well.
  5. If the item has been sold, you can conduct a quick item return or void the sale associated with it.
  6. If it has expired, simply sell the item as you normally would.
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