Sometimes, your consignment store will have an item that needs to be sold as a retail item. The item will sell, and the entire proceeds of the sale will go to your store, and not to the consignor. 

To do this, you should assign a 0/100% split to the item. 

Making a new retail item

  1. Navigate to the consignor's account.
  2. Click "+ Add Item".
  3. Before filling out the item information, click "Advanced Options".
  4. Under "Percent split", fill out a "0" in the first field. As you tab away, the second field (the denominator) should update to "100". 
  5. Fill out the item information as normal. 
  6. Click "Add Item" or press "Enter" to complete. 

Making an existing item into a retail item

As long as an item has not sold, you are able to change the split of the item at any time.

  1. Search for the item and navigate to its page.
  2. At the top right, click "Edit item".
  3. Click "Advanced Options".
  4. Find the "Percent Split" field. Here, just enter 0% for the consignor's portion.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom and click "Save".

Making a retail account

If you want an entire account of retail items, then check out our article on store accounts.

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