ConsignCloud doesn't usually recommend deleting items (what harm are they doing, after all?), but sometimes mistakes happen and you need to clean up. There are two ways to delete items. 

Delete an item

  1. Find the item you wish to delete under "Inventory".
  2. Click on the item to go to its detail page.
  3. If the item has not been sold, click "Delete Item" at the top.

Deleting multiple items or sold items

In very rare situations, you might need to delete sold or multiple items. To do this, 

  1. Go to "Inventory". 
  2. Search for the items you wish to delete.
  3. Check only those items. Make sure you are not checking the wrong items.
  4. Click "Bulk Actions".
  5. Click "Delete items (checked)". 

Getting deleted items back

ConsignCloud backs up all customers' data every day. In addition, we keep track of deleted items, in case they were mistakenly deleted. Please contact customer support if you have accidentally deleted important items.

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