Sometimes there are situations where you need to credit your consignor's account extra money. ConsignCloud lets you credit or debit a consignor's account from their account page. This balance will then show up in their account invoice statement.

Crediting an account

To credit the account, 

  1. Go to the consignor's page. 
  2. Click "+ Add Credit".
  3. Enter the amount you wish (a positive number for a credit).
  4. Be sure to include a memo explaining why.

Debiting an account

To debit a consignor's account, follow the procedure above but include a negative amount and corresponding memo. Please note that if the account has a balance of $0.00, no negative credits are allowed.

Reporting on balances

The changes you have made to the consignor's account will appear on their invoice. On their account page, click on "Print Invoice" at the top right. The memo will appear next to the line amount.

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