Sometimes you'll want a single SKU (for instance, #456789) to have multiple quantity. This is easy to do in two ways in ConsignCloud. 

Creating an item with stock count

  1. As you enter the item, click "Advanced Options".
  2. Enter a SKU.
  3. Scroll down to "Quantity" and enter the quantity you want.
  4. Fill out the item as normal.

Adding to your stock

If you wish to add more items, go to that item's detail page. Click "+ Quantity" to add more.

The item will update itself and the stock will be replenished.

Reducing your stock

There are two ways to reduce the quantity of an item: selling and deleting. Multiple-quantity items are sold through Point of Sale like any other item in your store. To delete your items instead, do the following:

  1. Go to the page for the SKU you'd like to reduce.
  2. Click on the number that indicates the amount of stock you have.
  3. On the resulting table, check the number of items you'd like to remove. The items are identical, so it doesn't matter which ones, so long as they are equal to the number you'd like to remove.
  4. Under bulk actions, select Delete Items (checked)

Keep in mind that deleting items that you have purchased deletes all of the data associated with those items too. If the item has been consigned, consider returning the item instead. If you purchased the item, as you would in Buy Outright or traditional retail stores, deleting the item will also delete the purchase price. Make sure this action won't create problems for your bookkeeping.

Editing an item with multiple quantity

When you edit a SKU with multiple items attached to it, you are effectively editing all those items. 

In our example, editing #456789 so that the description says "by Tom Stoppard" instead of "by Tom Phillips" will result in all 25 of the items changing.

If you wish to have a slight variant, we recommend creating a separate item and noting stock there. 

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