Printing checks for payouts

When it comes time to pay out your consignors, hand-writing checks can be tedious. We've created a PDF file that you can use to print onto checks from your home printer, provided you have the right paper for it. (More on that below.)

To do this, go to "Settings" and enable check printing by checking the box. Remember to scroll to the bottom of the page and save your settings.

Then, go to "Accounts" and click "Check Printing" on the left sidebar.

Aligning your checks

The setup wizard is to help you determine whether you need to align your checks to the left/right or bottom/top. 

  1. Try printing the test alignment page first ("Print Alignment"). 
  2. If your paper is misaligned, add the number of pixels you might need to whichever side of the page needs offsetting. 
  3. Repeat 1-2 as necessary until your check is properly aligned. Your alignment settings will be saved.
  4. Once this is done to your satisfaction, click "Next" and "Print Checks".
  5. A PDF will pop up (make sure pop-ups are enabled) with all your check payouts.
  6. ConsignCloud will prompt you whether you want to pay out your consignors at this juncture. Click "yes" only if you have ensured that all checks have printed properly.

Printing an individual check

You can print an individual check in two ways. First, if you go to a consignor's account, click "Settle Account" and select "check" as your payout method. This will pop up a check PDF for you to print. Your alignment settings will be saved.

Alternatively, you can go to "Outstanding Payments" on the left sidebar and click "Print Checks". This will walk you through a similar process to the above.

Check paper

You won't need any specific printer to print the checks, as long as they are formatted as voucher checks (check in the top 1/3 of the page, room for consignor invoice in the bottom 2/3s of the page, rather than 3 checks per page).

We generally recommend getting your checks from one of the following two places.

  1. You can get your voucher checks from Quickbooks here.
  2. Or you can do what all our other clients do and order them for a fraction of the price here. It'll ask you to select a software category during the ordering process and you'll want to select Quicken "Quickbooks."
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