When making a decision on what business system to use, one of the questions that looms largest in most owners' minds is: what is it going to cost? We're confident that ConsignCloud offers the best value for the price of any resale software in the market.

Subscription Tiers

In the interest of keeping costs appropriate for many differently sized and shaped businesses, ConsignCloud takes a "build your own software" approach, where rather than metering usage, charging a percentage of sales, or setting a single price for everyone, we offer a few different tiers which are graduated based on which "add-ons" are enabled on your account.

This creates a low barrier to entry for shops just getting started, while simultaneously scaling with our more upscale customers. The result of this is that the users who use our more advanced features are also the ones funding the bulk of new product development. The names of our tiers and how many add-ons are included are listed below:

Tier Name

Number of Add-Ons



2 Add-ons Included



5 Add-ons Included



No Add-on Limit


A list of available add-ons can be found here, or within your software at Settings » Apps. Anything not listed is included in your subscription at no extra cost.

Billing Cycle

All information about your subscription and billing cycle can be found at Menu » Subscription, including your current plan, your add-on usage, your next invoice date and amount, and your selected payment method.

Currently ConsignCloud only offers monthly subscriptions, and accepts debit and credit card payments.


The final thing to notice on your Subscription page is your Referral Code. Get $50 credit for every customer you send our way by sharing your referral code with your friends! You can click the copy icon to get a referral link, or your referral code can be used as a coupon when signing up for a new ConsignCloud account.

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