What’s a CSV?

ConsignCloud allows you to download all your store data and import it into spreadsheet format. ConsignCloud gives you this data as a CSV (comma separated values) file, which can easily be imported into Excel Spreadsheets or Google Sheets. From there, you can run your own reports on your own data.

What data can I download?

You can download all your data on consignors, customers, inventory, and sales. You do this on each page’s search page. The “Export CSV” button on the top right will commence the download.

To search and export consignors, in the navigation bar, click on Accounts > Consignors -> All Consignor Accounts.

To search and export customers, in the navigation bar, hover over Accounts > Customers > All Customer Accounts.

To search and export inventory, in the navigation bar, go to Inventory.

To search and export sales, in the navigation bar, go to Sales.

Can I filter my download or download just a specific set of data?

You can download specific sets of data easily by searching for your data as you would normally within the tool and then clicking the export button.

For instance, if I want to see all my inactive consignors to email them and remind them to bring in new items, I can simply select “Inactive” under “Status” and then click "Export CSV".

The CSV export will include all consignors that match the search criteria, not simply the ones that appear on the page in ConsignCloud. For instance, if I search for all consignors with a 40/60 split, while only the first 20 show up before I have to click "Load More", the CSV export will include all the 40/60 consignors.

What are CSV exports good for?

Here are some examples of how ConsignCloud store owners have used CSV exports.

Calculating Sales Commission for Employees

Maybe you pay your employees by commission for sales, but you don’t know how much your employees made in sales or how many sales they made. Using CSV exports, search by a desired date range on the sales search page and then export.

Import the file into the spreadsheet software of your choice (Excel or Google Sheets, for instance), and then look at the UserID and Username fields. Sort by those fields to see all the sales associated with each user (i.e. employee).

Lastly, you can run a spreadsheet sum on each of your employees’ sales amounts to find out their total sales for that date range.

Marketing Your Store with an Email Blast

Want to advertise a new sale or a marketing campaign to your consignors? Easy enough with CSV exports. You can export all your consignors, load the file into your spreadsheet software (e.g. Excel or Google Sheets), and then copy the column with your consignors’ email addresses. If you have wholesale accounts don't want to email them, you can always filter by consignor split as well.

I need help importing CSV files into Excel or Google Sheets!

No problem. Here’s a tutorial on how to import into Excel. Here’s a tutorial on how to import into Google Sheets.

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