To set up a Star TSP100 receipt printer, follow the following steps.

1. Download the Driver.

Visit to download the correct driver according to your specifications. Be sure, if you ordered a Star TSP100 that interfaces via USB cord, that you select "TSP 100U" as your model. Then choose your operating system and download the recommended driver by clicking on the link.

2. Run and install the driver.

On most computers, this driver will download in a zipped or compressed format. Decompress the files and then run the executable file (probably "Autorun"). Your computer may ask you to confirm you want to do this: click "Run".

3. Plug in your Star TSP100 and turn it on.

As always, make sure it's plugged in not just to your computer but also to the wall! You should get a light when the printer is on.

4. Try printing a sale.

ConsignCloud supports use of the Star TSP100 receipt printer for both Chrome and Firefox. We recommend Chrome because the configuration is easier. The Microsoft Edge browser is not supported — it lacks the ability to set margins and your receipts will not print correctly as a result.

Open up your desired browser, go to ConsignCloud > Sales and click on one of the sales. A receipt should pop up and prompt you to print. Make sure to select the Star TSP100 printer from the list of printers.

5. Add a logo.

Want a little branding on that receipt? Or a signature that you can customize? In ConsignCloud, go to Settings > Store Settings > Store Policies and upload a logo image for the receipt and change around your receipt signature message.

Doesn't look quite right? Check out this to customize size and margins.

Need help setting up the cash drawer? Check out this link.

Want to set the Star TSP100 as your default printer? Here are tutorials for Windows and Mac.

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