1. Login to ConsignCloud

2. Click on the 'Sales' tab.

3. Enter the SKU of the item in the SKU field.

4. Repeat Step 3 for each additional item.

5. If any items are to be discounted, enter the percentage discount in the corresponding 'Discount' field for each item. If the entire sale is to be discounted, enter the discount in the 'Store Discount' field under Subtotal.

6. Select a payment type. Payment types are detailed below.

7. Click 'Finalize Sale'.

8. A success message should appear at the top telling you the sale is complete.

Payment Types Explained

In order to finalize a sale in ConsignCloud, you must first select a payment type. Split payments are also acceptable (a combination of 2 or more payment types to pay for sale).

  • Consignor Credit: Consignors can use the proceeds from their past sales as in-store credit. To charge a sale against a consignor's balance, enter the consignor's name in the 'Find Consignor' field, then hit 'Consignor Credit'.
  • Cash, Check, or Credit Card: Select the payment type and enter the amount to be paid in the field that appears below the 'Total'. ConsignCloud will calculate change, so enter the amount that the customer hands you, and for change, give back the negative amount showing in red.
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