Design Your Tag and Input ConsignCloud’s Special Values

Design the tag according to your tag size and design inclinations. The important thing is setting each field to a fixed text, which should be one of the following words surrounded by curly braces, e.g., {Price}.

  • Barcode
  • Price
  • Brand
  • Item
  • Size
  • Color
  • Received
  • Account
  • Description

Remember: these are case sensitive and they must be book-ended by {}. [price], for instance, won’t work.

Remember: only Zebra fonts for these fields will work. You can use any other font and image for content that does not change, but for any fields that ConsignCloud will supply the data for, the fonts must begin with “ZEBRA” (for instance, “ZEBRA 0”).

Print the Tag to a File Ending in “.zpl”.

Instead of saving the file, you should click “File > Print” as you normally would to print the tag. But when the dialog box opens, click on the option to “Print to File”. This should allow you to save a file with the print code. Name the file, and end the file in “.zpl” (e.g., “label.zpl”).

Remember. “.zpl” is essential to put at the end of the file name. ConsignCloud will thoroughly disapprove of your label name if it doesn’t have that at the end.

Remember. Don’t put any spaces in your label name.

Upload the File to ConsignCloud

In ConsignCloud, go to Settings > Store Settings. Near the bottom, there should be an option to upload a label. Upload your ZPL label file and then save the changes at the bottom.

Try printing from the “All Items” page. You can repeat this process as needed in order to customize your label design onto the tag.

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