Once DYMO’s installed on your computer, you can begin to design your own labels and customize. DYMO will likely offer you a guided tour of the software. Make sure to choose the label size that corresponds to the labels that you ordered.

If you have a label image (like a logo or some kind of branding), you can load that into the template design. You can add any field you want, but only a certain preset list of fields will integrate with ConsignCloud. You can read more about that below.

When you’re done designing the label, print a few tests right within the DYMO design environment. There will be a large blue button to the bottom right called “Print”. If you’re hooked up to your DYMO printer, this should work.

Label Fields

ConsignCloud integrates with DYMO labels on a handful of preset fields. These are fields like the type of item (shirt, blouse, chair, couch), price, SKU and scannable barcode, and so on. When you design your label, you can designate what fields on the label will be replaced with that information from ConsignCloud.

This means that even if your label design has information like “Shirt” and “$9.00”, if you integrate that with ConsignCloud, we will automatically replace that information with your item information as you’ve entered it in your ConsignCloud account.

To integrate these fields, click on a field and in menu bar above, go to “Properties.” Under “Advanced”, the top field should be “Reference name.” In this field, you will have to insert the ConsignCloud case-specific reference name, provided below:








Additional fields include:

Department (the name of the item’s category)

Decay (the automated discounts on that item and their dates)

Received (the date the item was received)

Account (the consignor number)

Once you’re done designing your label, make sure to save it as an “.label” file.

Watch a video on it.

(Please note that the video says the item's title has a reference name of "Title" when it is actually "Item." Sorry for the confusion!)

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