If you need to get old items off your floor and either donate the items to charity or return them to the consignor, here is the best way to do it.

1. Go to the tab "Inventory" and click on "All Items" in the left sidebar.

2. Then, right underneath the big blue button that says "search" you'll see "advanced search." Click on that and you'll get a big drop-down box:

3. Say you want to take all your February items off the floor. Enter the proper month in the "Received Items" category. (Take a look at the first attached photo).

This will give you a "report" of all the items and SKUs that you got in February. You will have to go and collect those items from your floor onto a rack.

4. Then grab a scanner gun (if you have one) and go to "Return Items" in the "Inventory" tab.

5. Scan or type each barcode on your "donate" rack to the list in "Return Items." (See the other two attached photos).

6. Then, hit "Finalize Returns." 

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