Ordering DYMO

ConsignCloud recommends using either of two printers (click on the links to see their Amazon product pages):

1. DYMO 450 Thermal Label Printer

2. DYMO 450 Turbo Thermal Label Printer

Either of these can be purchased cheaply at Amazon.com or directly through DYMO.com.

The package should include USB cable, a hard-copy guide, a CD installer, and some starter labels to get you going. Make sure to allow several days for shipping before processing inventory.

You’ll also likely need to order additional labels right off the bat. You can order these by size through Amazon.com or DYMO.com.

Installing drivers and DYMO web service client

Helpful hint: Do not plug your DYMO printer to your computer until the installation finishes.

Download the new driver and web service. The newest drivers for DYMO can be found in the "Support" tab here.

Once the installation is completed, you should see a DYMO icon on your bottom right (for Windows)...

...or in the top right (for Macs):

If you click on this, you should see the options for configuration and stop/start.

(If there are two similar DYMO icons, click on the one that has a drop-down like the above photo.)

Ensure that the service says something like "Started on port ...". 

Clearing Cache and Cookies

If you have previously printed through DYMO on ConsignCloud or you have logged into ConsignCloud in the past 6 months, this would be a good time to clear all cookies and cache from your browser. This usually done through the "History" tab. Clear all browsing data and saved scripts for all time.

Log in and try printing

After ensuring that your DYMO is plugged in both to the wall and to your computer, go to "Inventory", check an item, and under "Bulk Actions" click "Print tags". The DYMO may take a moment to wake up (2-5 seconds). If after this time it hasn't printed, please read our "Troubleshooting" article on DYMO or reach out via our live chat.

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