To get a record of a consignors sold items for a certain time period, do the following:

  1. Go to "Inventory" and under the search fields, click on "Advanced Search".
  2. In the "Consignor" field, enter the name of the consignor you want to search.
  3. In the "Sold" field, enter the dates you want to search. For example, if you want August, select the first and last of the month.
  4. Next to the "Search" button, you'll see the "Status" field. Change that to "Sold."

Click "Search" and you'll get a list of the items sold for that consignor within that time period.

Produce a spreadsheet

If you want to produce a spreadsheet of these items, you can click "Export CSV" at the top right of the table. This will create a file that can be opened in or imported to any sheets software (Excel, Google, Libre, etc.). 

Email an update

You can email an update on the consignor's items to them by checking each box beside the appropriate items. Then click "Bulk Actions" > "Email Status Update". This will let the consignor know the sale price, their split, and their current balance.

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