Uploading Labels

Once you’re done with your label and you've saved it as a .label, you can upload it in ConsignCloud if you click on “Settings”. Go to the bottom menu, “Software Settings,” and you'll be able to upload a label. Browse your computer for the file and upload. Save your store settings.

Recommended Browsers

DYMO currently supports Firefox and Chrome browsers. We can't guarantee full support on Safari, IE 9+ or Edge, but we do have clients who use those browsers.

Printing Items

You can print batches of items under the “Inventory” tab. Selecting “Unprinted Items” in the sidebar will reveal all the items you haven’t yet printed out.

On the right, a link will allow you to “Print Price Tags”. Check the items you want printed, or uncheck all items by clicking on the top checkbox.

The very first time, you may be prompted by your browser to allow the DYMO plugin. Make sure to allow this process on your browser by default.

At this point, DYMO should print your labels directly through the printer.

Exporting Unprinted Items to Excel

You can export your unprinted items into an Excel file and then load that file into DYMO manually. You can do this simply by checking items and clicking “Export Price Tags”. 

Then, if you open up your DYMO software, you should be able to go to "File" > "Import" and then load up your items as necessary.

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