ConsignCloud supports Zebra LP 2824 printers. We recommend configurations in ZPL not EPL, but both can potentially work. Other printers in the 2000 series may work with ConsignCloud, but we do not offer support for any potential issues that arise with printers other than LP 2824.

Assuming you've already downloaded and installed your Zebra LP 2824 printer drivers, here are the steps for getting set up with Zebra printers for item labels and tags.

First, request a zebra integration account. We use a third party API called PrintNode to communicate with your printer, and you'll need to request an account from customer service. You'll get login information to use with PrintNode on the next step.

Second, download and configure PrintNode. You'll need to install PrintNode's small application on your computer to get your printer talking to ConsignCloud. Here is the link to the download page and setup instructions:

After install PrintNode's application, you can login at, where you can view your current printers, computers, and print jobs. Make sure to print a test page on your zebra printer to confirm everything is setup properly. Under "Print Something" select "PrintNode test page" for the "Source" and select your zebra printer. Then click "Print". If you run into any issues printing a test page, contact customer support.

Third, upload a .zpl label. If you got the LP 2000 Series Zebra Printer, it should have come with Zebra Designer 2. Check out this aticle on how to design the tags.

Once you've done that, print the label (File > Print or Ctrl + P) but before confirming the print, click the box "Print to File". Make sure to save the file as a .zpl file (you can just name it and put ".zpl" afterward if the option is not given to you).

Once this is finished, upload it to ConsignCloud under Settings > Store Settings > Software Settings.

Fourth, enable Zebra Printing in ConsignCloud. Under Settings -> Store Settings -> Software Settings, find the "Enable Zebra Printing" option and click on the checkbox. Click "Update your store settings".

Fifth, test and enable your Zebra Printer in ConsignCloud. After enabling zebra printing, you should now see a Zebra Printer Settings link in the sidebar. Click that link to test and enable your zebra printer.

You should see a list of printers, any printers connected with your computer. Your Zebra should be among them, probably at the bottom. First, double check that your Zebra is connected, either by USB or wirelessly. Next, click "Test print" for your Zebra printer. A test version of your label should print.

If all goes well printing your test label, click "Enable" to have ConsignCloud print your item labels through your Zebra printer. If you have any problems, contact customer support.

Lastly, try printing some items! We recommend starting with a few items you've already printed under Inventory > All Items. Just select a few items, then click Bulk Actions > Print tags (checked). This should print those items' labels with your Zebra printer.

From here, you can go to your Unprinted Items queue and print away. Please contact us if you have any technical issues with ConsignCloud's integration.

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