Sometimes a customer forgets a credit card, or sometimes you agree to pause a sale for some time. If you'd like to save a sale for later, use ConsignCloud's "Park" functionality.

Park a sale

  1. Enter the items as you usually would.
  2. If you wish the payment to show up in today's sale report, add payments now.
  3. Once you are ready to park it, click "Park" at the top right, left of "Void". 
  4. Name your parked sale so that you remember its circumstances.

Retrieving a parked sale

  1. Go to "Sales".
  2. On the left sidebar, find your parked sale with the name you left it, or the date if you had no name.
  3. Click on the parked sale, and it will open in the point-of-sale.

Using parked sales for layaway

ConsignCloud has no specific workflow for lay-away, but many customers use parked sales for that purpose. Please note that reporting on payments happens the day of and the amount listed in the sale page. 

For example, if you add "$200" of credit on a parked sale, $200 will show up in the daily report. If, the next time, you add "$400" of credit on a parked sale, $400—and not $200—will show up in the daily report.

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