ConsignCloud comes out-of-the-box with enough reporting features to keep any bookkeeper happy. In addition to keeping an audit log of every action that happens in the system, we also provide spreadsheet exports of all your important data: accounts, sales, inventory, gift cards, balance history, and more. But what happens when you want deep insights without learning how to use Excel's dreaded VLOOKUP function? We've got you covered.

To start with, ConsignCloud's dashboard has a list of recent activity, the day's current sales, as well as sales broken down by category.

We've placed this information front-and-center so you always know how your sales day is panning out. The dashboard also features an automatically generated to-do list with prompts for printing item labels, settling accounts, and more.

Detail pages for accounts, gift cards, items, sales, and users each have special purpose components for helping you understand their value, history, and context.

For a higher-level overview of your store's activity, check out the Sales & Payouts report. This breaks down your gross sales so you can see where your money is going — into taxes, discounts, surcharges, or consignor payouts. And to get a look into the day-to-day minutiae of cash management we also provide Till Reports, so that you can account for every penny that changes hands.

Inventory Insights is a special report that allows you to slice and dice your inventory in order to understand what is performing well, and what isn't. It provides a graph of sales vs COGS over time, and a detailed breakdown of your inventory, providing several key metrics for understanding your business.

Finally, the Data Explorer is the place to go if you're not able to answer your questions using any of the other reports. It has a bit of a learning curve, but once you master it you can pull nearly anything out of ConsignCloud with just a few clicks.

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