Over the last few years we've been working closely with our customers to create the best resale store management software available — and our hard work has paid off! ConsignCloud version two is no longer in beta, and is available for current customers for upgrade.

Why Upgrade?

Fair question! Upgrades can be expensive and time consuming, but we think it'll be worth your while — depending on your billing tier, the new software will actually be cheaper than the old. We've also put together an automated import process to make it as painless as possible! 

You can find the high-level summary of what's new on our website, but I want to highlight a few additional changes in the new version that make running a store just that much easier:

  • eCommerce integration — put your store online by listing inventory on Shopify. You can even use their sales channels to sell on eBay, Instragram, Facebook, and more!

  • Consignor portal — in addition to using automated emails to communicate with your consignors, you can also set up a fully branded website with one click, where your consignors can log in to check the status of their inventory.

  • Flexible policy rulescreate discount schedules, surcharges, and custom taxes based on category, price, point, and sale location.

  • Complete audit log — every action you do in your store is tracked, along with who performed it, when, and on what related object in the system. This allows you to answer complex policy questions, prevent theft, and more.

  • Powerful tables — slice and dice your data with fully-featured table views. If you need even more power, you can always export to a spreadsheet. And, to support bulk edit workflows, we also support spreadsheet imports.

  • Modern web technologies — we've employed state-of-the art web technologies to make the new software faster, more reliable, and more user-friendly than ever. It even works on mobile devices and tablets!

Our plan is to sunset the current version of the software by the end of 2020, so be sure to contact support to get your spot in line earlier in the year so that you can go through the process during a convenient time for you!

Making the Switch

The best way to get started is to sign up for an account at app.consigncloud.com/signup. Once you're comfortable with the new version, reach out to support via chat to schedule a time outside of your store's business hours to copy your data over — it's usually a 20 minute process, but we like to budget an hour to handle any questions and a quick walkthrough.

The main thing to be aware of when making the switch is that sales data is not imported; you’ll need to run reports out of both systems for a short time. Your data will remain available on the old version of the software, but you’ll no longer be able to run new sales there. We can provide exports on request as well.

 And of course, if you have any questions along the way, or concerns about the switching process, please reach out to support! We're always happy to chat.

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