The better you know your customers and consignors, the better your business will do. Keeping track of how you interact with your people is essential to running your consignment business, and a core part of this is associating Accounts with Sales.

In ConsignCloud, an account represents both customers and consignors, since oftentimes one person will not only bring in items, but purchase something on their way out! Combining customers and consignors into a single record allows you to conveniently (and cost effectively!)  pay your consignors out at point of sale, by letting them spend their credit on things in your store.

There are two main ways to add a customer to a sale. First, you can search for their name, account number, or email address in the point-of-sale search box, and click on the result that appears. When you go to enter a payment for the sale, if the customer has a balance, a "Store Credit" payment option will be available (if you've enabled it in settings).

Alternatively, if you've already run a sale and just want to add a customer to it, you can click on Email Receipt, enter their email address, and ConsignCloud will associate the sale with an account matching the email you entered — or, if no matches are found, a new account will be created and associated with the sale.

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