With tens of thousands of SKUs in the average resale store — and more added every day! — looking up an item with a missing tag or recalling the history of an item for a consignor can be a daunting task. ConsignCloud includes powerful search tools that make it easy to find items in your store.

At the top of the screen, right in the middle, you'll find the global search box. This is the first place you should turn to search for items currently in inventory. You can search for every common identifier ConsignCloud uses in the Title field: color, brand, description and size. You can use all or part of any word in that list. 

Pro tip: If you're having problems finding an item, consider the possibility of typos. Global search recognizes partial words, so start with just a few letters and start narrowing your way down from there.

The Inventory Table

Occasionally you won't be able to identify an item by its physical attributes, but you'll know something else about it — maybe the day and time it was received, or the price. The Inventory Table can search additional fields through the use of filters. Every situation is different, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. If you are looking for an item that is no longer in inventory, like a sold item, try Status | is | sold or Status | is not | active.

  2. The operator matches can be used for "fuzzy matching." If you're not exactly sure how something was spelled or phrased, try matches and see if you get more helpful results.

  3. Archiving is ConsignCloud's version of deletion. If all else fails, use Archived | is set to see if perhaps the item has been removed from your inventory entirely.

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