ConsignCloud is designed to be compatible with a wide range of hardware. We recommend the DYMO LabelWriter 450 for a price tag and item label printer. 

For something a bit more high-end, we also recommend the Zebra GC420d. If you have another device you'd like to try, the setup steps are basically the same. 

Regardless of what hardware you choose, you'll have to download and install the drivers for your printer like you would when setting up any printer on your computer. If you're using ConsignCloud's recommended printer, the DYMO LabelWriter 450, you can find the most recent drivers here.

Default printing setup

You can print labels using your new ConsignCloud account without doing any setup within ConsignCloud. By default, ConsignCloud creates .pdf files for every print job and opens them in a new window in your web browser. You can print these .pdfs using any printer that's already been installed on your computer, just like you would print a web page.

To print using this method:

  1. Go to Settings » Labels in ConsignCloud's settings and create a label using ConsignCloud's editor according to the paper size of the labels you're using. 

  2. If you have more than one label in your account, set the label you'd like to use to Active by flipping the toggle so that it is colored. 

  3. Go to Menu » Inventory and select the labels you'd like to print. Find the Actions menu and select Print Labels. 

  4. Your labels should load in a new window and the browser print dialog should open. Follow the onscreen instructions like you would with any print job.

Integrating your printer with ConsignCloud

We recommend that you integrate your printer directly with ConsignCloud. This makes common tasks like switching labels easier, and enables features like automatic receipt printing as well. Integrating takes under two minutes:

  1. Download ConsignCloud's print client. A link can also be found at Menu » Settings » Printing if you need it again in the future.

  2. Sign into print client using the login and password found in Menu » Settings » Printing.

  3. Once the print client is running, return to Menu » Settings » Printing in ConsignCloud's settings. If everything is working correctly, you'll see a message that the integration is connected.

  4. Find the Label Printer dropdown and select the printer you'd like to use as a default. When you print from here on out, ConsignCloud will automatically select this printer for you and give you the chance to change its available settings.

Once you're set up, printing labels is easy:

  1. Go to Menu » Inventory and select the labels you'd like to print. Find the Actions menu and select Print Labels.

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions. ConsignCloud will automatically select a printer, label, and paper size for you, but check to make sure they're all correct. Other settings are available for you to tweak if you need to, but usually labels print well with the default settings we've provided.

  3. A note about paper sizes: Selecting the correct paper size is important for reliable printing results. ConsignCloud automatically detects and selects the most appropriate paper size for you based on your label design. If you get results you don't expect during printing, this is a good place to look first.

Printing from iOS

It's worth mentioning that many label and receipt printers are USB-only, and are not AirPrint compatible. This means there's no way to print directly from an iPad or iPhone for this kind of printer.

To get around this, you'll need a separate device — either a computer configured to work with the ConsignCloud Print Client as detailed above so that you can print remotely from your iOS device, or an xPrinterServer that will allow you to use AirPrint.

There are also some apps on the App Store, like Print n Share, that claim to enable printing via USB, and may be worth a try. However, these are not officially supported either by Apple, or by ConsignCloud.

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