ConsignCloud allows users to create and track a wide range of surcharges which can be applied to items to account for costs incurred by the store. Surcharges are included in the tag item price, but not always included in the base price that ConsignCloud uses to calculate splits for consigned items.

Creating surcharges

To create a surcharge, go to Menu » Settings » Surcharges and click the + Add Surcharge button. There are four things you will need to tell ConsignCloud about your surcharge:

Name: This will be used on reports and when entering or editing items. Make it something you and your employees will remember and understand.

Type: Buyer's Fee, Consignor or Credit Card. Buyer's Fees are common in the resale industry and are included in the tag price of the item, but not included in the base price ConsignCloud uses to figure consignor splits. Consignor surcharges are taken out of the consignor's portion after the split has been figured. Credit Card surcharges are designed to compensate for processing fees, and card brands sometimes disallow these surcharges to be charged to consumers. Instead, some stores pass them on to consignors. Credit Card surcharges also taken from the consignor's portion after the split has been figured.

Value Type: Choose whether the surcharge is a percentage discount or dollar amount discount.

Value: The amount of the surcharge.

Using surcharges

You can turn surcharges on for individual items at item entry or at point of sale.

If you wish to apply a surcharge to an item at the time of entry, look for the appropriate surcharge in the Auto-Generated Values box on the right half of the screen. Grey means it's disabled, colored means it's enabled.

If you wish to apply a surcharge to an item at the time of sale, first add the item to the sale, and then click on its name in the Transaction Summary. Find the Surcharges section and check the box of the discount you'd like to apply. Then hit Save Changes and continue with the transaction.

Tracking Surcharges

Surcharges are listed individually in the Sales Summary. Since surcharges add complexity to your store, it is important to track their effectiveness and reevaluate the costs and benefits of using them in your store.

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