ConsignCloud allows users to create and track a wide range of discounts.

Creating discounts

To create a discount, go to Menu » Settings » Discounts and click the + Create Discount button. There are four things you will need to tell ConsignCloud about your discount:

Name: This will be used on customer receipts and reports, so use a professional and understandable name.

Type: Customer or Store. Store discounts are only used in consignment contexts, where stores wish to take the discount entirely from the store share of the sale and leave the consignor's portion untouched. Customer discounts impact both shares evenly and work just like discounts do in traditional retail contexts.

Value Type: Choose whether the discount is a percentage discount or dollar amount discount.

Value: The amount of the discount.

Using discounts

You can turn discounts on for individual items or apply them to entire sales. 

Once a discount has been created, a button will appear for it under the search box at point of sale. If you wish to apply a discount to every item in the sale — for instance, on a 20% off everything day — use this button.

If you wish to apply a discount to just a single item in a sale, first add the item to the sale, and then click on its name in the Transaction Summary. Find the Discounts section and check the box of the discount you'd like to apply. When it has been applied properly, the name and amount of the discount should appear directly under the item in the Transaction Summary.

Tracking discounts

Discounts are listed individually in your Sales Summary. This can be helpful for limited-time sale events, where it's important to compare the discounts given against the boost in sales. Some stores have longstanding discounts built into their policies, like an incentive for consignor's spending their credit in-store. It is also important to evaluate the effectiveness of these policies over time as well — even though they are popular, they may not pencil out for your particular store and customer base.

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