ConsignCloud has flexible tax settings that will work with most tax schemes worldwide. 

Creating taxes

To set up a new tax on your account, go to Menu » Settings » Taxes and hit the + Add Tax button. Each tax is made up of 4 components:

Name: This will appear on receipts and reports and should match the name required by the taxing agency.

Type: Inclusive or Exclusive. Inclusive taxes are included in the tag price of the item. GST and VAT are examples of inclusive taxes and they are not common in the US. Exclusive taxes are added to the tagged price at the time of sale. Sales Tax in the United States is a common example of this kind of tax.

Value: The percent amount of the tax. If your tax rate is 7%, put "7" in this box.

On by Default: When this option is on for a tax, it will be applied by default to every item at point of sale. This only impacts default behavior — individual items and entire sales can be marked as tax exempt at any time.

Enabling and disabling taxes

An item's tax status can change throughout its lifetime in your store. In some states, taxes may apply to only certain types of items, and you'll know this when you first enter the item. Some stores are in regions that have tax-free weekends, and almost every store will have an occasional customer that is qualified for tax-exempt purchases. ConsignCloud allows you to flexibly change the tax status of your items whenever it's needed.

At item entry: Enter all of the item details as you normally would. Before saving the item, look in the Auto-Generated Values section for the tax exempt toggle. When the toggle is grey, it means the item will have all of the default taxes applied at point of sale. If the toggle is colored, the item is tax exempt and no taxes will be applied.

At point of sale: After scanning an item into point of sale, you can click on an individual item in the Transaction Summary and turn taxes on and off. Changing taxes for an individual item won't change the tax settings of any other items in the sale.

At point of sale: If you're running a tax-free weekend or selling to a tax-exempt customer, taxes can be quickly turned off for every item in the sale. In the Transaction Summary, find the name of the default tax you'd like to disable. These are always listed at the bottom. Then, uncheck the boxes of any taxes you'd like to disable for the sale. Note: this will enable and disable taxes for every item in the sale. However, if you clear or finalize and start a new sale, taxes will be reset to normal again.

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