ConsignCloud's Settings contain important information about your store policies and defaults. ConsignCloud uses these settings to help speed you up when you enter items, so it's beneficial to set them up early. 

To get to your settings, go to Menu » Settings in ConsignCloud. Settings are divided into sections to the left of the settings pane. Here are the most important sections to visit:

  1. Your Contact Information, which ConsignCloud uses on emails and receipts

  2. Your Location info, which ConsignCloud uses on emails and receipts

  3. Your Categories, which are used during item entry and for sales analysis

  4. Your Taxes, and any Surcharges you wish to apply to most inventory

  5. Your Consignment defaults, if applicable

  6. Your Point of Sale preferences

If you are a new store and still thinking through some of your policies, don't worry! You can go back and change many of these settings later. If you need to make changes to existing inventory down the road — for instance, if you decide to change your store split — imports are an easy way to change a lot of items at once.

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