If your printer has suddenly stopped working, there are a few places you should check. Before proceeding, please ensure that your DYMO printer is powered up (you should see a steady blue light on the front) and plugged into your computer. Once you've done that, you can move on to the next section.

This article covers our customers using DYMO printers through PrintNode. Many of our customers use their DYMO printers through software provided by DYMO instead, and should follow the troubleshooting tips in our other troubleshooting guide. If you're not sure, you can see which setting you're using by going to Settings in ConsignCloud and looking for the Software Settings section on the right side of the screen:

Double-check that you have a printer enabled in ConsignCloud

ConsignCloud may have lost track of which printer you are using to print labels, and you'll need to reenable your printer in ConsignCloud's settings. If that's the case, you'll probably see an error message like the following:

Fixing this is super easy:

  1. Go to Settings in ConsignCloud and look for Printer Settings in the left-hand toolbar. Note: If you can't find Printer Settings in the sidebar, your account isn't currently set up to integrate with PrintNode. This probably means that your account is integrated with DYMO's software instead, and you need to follow the steps in our other troubleshooting guide.
  2. You will see a list of printers that ConsignCloud knows about. Find your DYMO printer and click the blue Enable button. If you see more than one DYMO printer, pay special attention to the computer and status — you can usually figure out which one to enable using these details.
  3. Try to print a test label using the Test Print button which is right by the red Disable button at the top of the list. You should be back in business — if not, proceed to the next section.

Make sure PrintNode is running and connected

PrintNode must be running on the computer which is connected to your DYMO printer for everything to work properly. PrintNode usually runs reliably in the background of your computer, but occasionally it may need to be restarted. If it's not running, you'll probably see an error message like this:

Here's how to check:

  1. For Windows users, the icon is located in your system tray in the lower-right portion of your screen. PrintNode has great instructions you can follow to check on this icon and restart PrintNode if it's not running.
  2. For OS X users, you can look for the icon in the menu bar at the top of your screen. No matter what, it doesn't hurt to just try launching PrintNode again to make sure it's running. You can do this by clicking the magnifying glass at the top right of your screen and typing "PrintNode" into the search box.
  3. For all users, ensure that PrintNode is connected. In Windows the PrintNode icon will be green if it's connected and red if it is not. In OS X you'll need to click the menu icon, and if you have the option to Connect it means you're currently disconnected.
  4. If you need to connect to PrintNode, try the username and password you use with your ConsignCloud account. If that doesn't work, please contact ConsignCloud support. We may have provided you with a secure key when PrintNode was first installed.
  5. Try printing. If it doesn't work, proceed to the next step.

Make sure your ConsignCloud settings are correct

Before contacting support, make sure that your ConsignCloud settings haven't been changed somehow. 

  1. Go to Settings in ConsignCloud and look for the Software Settings section on the right side of the screen.
  2. Make sure that the label you have selected has the .json file extension. No other kind of label works with this integration.
  3. Double check that "DYMO via PrintNode" is selected in the Printer Settings subsection right below the label selector. If you don't have this option, contact support.

If you've tried everything above and you're still having problems, we're sorry! Please contact us through chat for the quickest response, or at support@consigncloud.com. 

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